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How to Get More ​Out of Your Life and Relationships

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How to Solve Real Problems-Admit and Identify the Issue

”​If there was a brick wall stopping you from living your life- Don will help you move it. I sincerely  recommend working with Don and Nicole to show you a way through, around or over ​those internal blocks. ​These are the brick walls we all carry inside, and we have difficulty seeing them. When we face ​our challenges-they lose their power. They’ll help you move past your STRUGGLE!”

​Step 1 Identify

Helping Real People- Focus on Creating Positive Results

“​Individual, families, businesses- each experiences complex interactions of relational dynamics that are unhealthy. So, we teach you to stop the old process and examine what your behaviors are bringing into your life, good and bad, and work with powerful tools to help you develop a new inner strength that encourages you to grow..”


​Step 2 I​nvestigate

Discover Real Answers- Start today...

“T​here is just so much that we think of as fact when they are the representation of our personal beliefs. Your beliefs are doing one of the following: 1) keep you stagnate, 2) hold you back or 3) move you forward.

If your answer is  number 1 or 2 you better change now for more in your life.”

​Step 3 Implement

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About the Author

Don ​was born in Oceanside, NY in the US, and is the author and co-author of four books, former co-host of Living Well, and currently writing the next book in the series. The Inspired Life  books revolve around how you can create the life of your dreams as an individual and in relationships.

His academic work and ​research in psychology and personal growth help others to live a better life- they create a foundation for their personal journey. The series consists of titles dealing with individual  happiness, the relationship with oneself, relationships with others, and children. Each of these titles ​was updated in March of 2018 building upon his prior work.

His personal practice in coaching and counseling has helped individuals and businesses to change their focus from “what’s in it for me” to “how best can I connect?” This paradigm shift represents the foundation of the series and his practice.

School psychologist, ​J.D., and more… Don’s done it all. Once he determined to stay outside the confines of society he was free to go forward with his life and into the life he wanted- in small, manageable steps. He believes the energy of the universe is abundant and as you center yourself and live from your soul the right doors will open in your life- if you know where you want to be and where you want to go. Now Don wakes up knowing he’s living is the life he created, and he’ll help you or your group do the same. You can learn to take the small steps to your dreams and help others to manifest theirs.

What do ​his  books cover? Think of a modern revamping of the Secret combined with the messages the philosophers and religions have pursued throughout history that we often ignore. Our struggle each day revolves around issues that seem unsolvable. These books show this is not the case.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker, motivator or want individual sessions- each of the books is a primer on its subject matter. Take a look at them and reach out. The book series has been downloaded tens of thousands of times in its previous iterations. You’ll love the look and their message so check to see how they can help you today. Don lives in Port Jefferson with his beautiful wife, active kids, two rambunctious Labradors and his ancient, ancient cat.

Copyright 201​8 by Don Nenninger