60% of Marriages End

90% of Relationships are Awful

Are You Ready to Love Yourself?

Tired of Being Alone?

Tired of Crappy Relationships?

Our video course will show you the secrets to:

Finding the love of your life- by starting to love from within!

How to communicate your needs with love, care and kindness

Learning about past  “triggers” and why you MUST release them.

You’ll Discover…

  • What subconscious drives run your life. And why they RUIN your life!
  • Whether you and your partner will move closer or further away from love. 
  • How your family history is still driving toxic relationship behaviors.
  • Why these behaviors will ruin the love you share if you don’t change.
  • You will find the solutions to these issues and much, much more…..How?

These videos show you exactly how to get more love in your life, how to truly connect with those you love, how to feel more confident, how to handle true intimacy, how to love yourself AND the information from this video series will show you how to have deeper and more rewarding connections with every person you care about.

Relationships are complex and can be hard when when you bring your old emotional baggage with you! You’ll exhaust yourself and your partner! And a good relationship can end!


Research shows relationships are the most important element in the QUALITY of your life.

Aren’t you ready for more?

Aren’t you worth the investment?

Aren’t you ready for love?

In this video course, you’ll get the step-by-step lessons to turn your life around. You’ll be shown the simplest way to find your soul mate and to connect with the love of your life.

Here’s a sample of what your video course contains

  • Preview and Introduction to the Course (2:28)
  • Introduction and Welcome (3:27)
  • Worksheet 1: The Basic Good Relationship

How and Why Relationships Get Into Trouble

  • The 60% Rule to Why Relationships Fail (3:46)
  • Worksheet 2 Checking In
  • The 13 Toxins That Poison Relationships (23:40)
  • Worksheet 3 The Thirteen Toxins
  • Dealing With Your Internal Critic Part 1 (6:06)
  • Dealing With Your Internal Critic Part 2 (4:42)
  • Questions Are you Loveable? (6:52)
  • Worksheet 4 Relationship Questions to Consider
  • Tough Questions-Am I in the Right Relationship (9:32)

How Do You Resolve Your Relationship Problems? Solutions for Lasting Love

  •  The 12 Pillars for Relationship Success Part 1 (11:17)
  • The 12 Pillars for Relationship Success Part 2 (11:48)
  • Worksheet 5 The Twelve Pillars
  • Learn How to Embrace the Do Over and Sorry (7:01)
  • Embracing the Energy of the Warrior and Goddess (6:16)
  • Listening to Your Body Messages (4:50)
  • Shifting From Blame to Responsibility (8:06)
  • Using a New Vocabulary (6:44)
  • A Vocabulary for Conscious Connection
  • How to Use the Magic Quarter Second (5:56)
  • Clearly Define Your Relationship Values and Vision (5:53)
  • Your Gratitude Journal (5:05)
  • Gratitude
  • Positive Action Words-PAW Prints (3:51)
  • The 3 C’s of Communication (6:15)
  • Communicating Using I feel Because I (8:06)

and there’s even more….why are you waiting? Get started now!

You Can’t Get to a New Place Doing What You’ve Always Done

Don’t you try so hard to be loving? Then, we look and look for the “perfect” partner but no matter what we end up in the same type or relationship- just with a different person.

We’re stuck and we don’t move forward in our love lives. Why does this happen?

Because we bring ourselves into every life situation and that means we bring our subconscious unrecognized problems and unresolved issues to the table.

These are the unconscious drives we carry and until you change your beliefs you’ll get more of the same.

95% of relationships fail! The merely exist without passion, intimacy or are sub-par.

There’s a reason why divorce rates are high and a majority of relationships are terrible.

They exist in emotional pain.

Don’t live like this! Change! 

This course is available to you for less than the price of a pair of shoes.

We’ll show you what you need to do to have an amazing relationship- and it’s more than you’ve dreamed possible.

You’ll learn what doesn’t work and replace those ineffective behaviors with ones that what will work.

This course will teach you how to have the best damn relationship- The one that you’ve never had!

How will this course help me?

  • Learn how to communicate with compassion and meaning to foster more love, respect, and connection.
  • Find out how to save your relationship or to determine if the relationship is really right for you.
  • Develop new ways of creating intimacy based on the 12 pillars of a healthy relationship.
  • Learn the importance of identifying your needs, strengths, and sensitivities to create more emotional intimacy.
  • Use proven relationship tips, tools, and strategies to create lasting love.
  • Learn how to avoid the toxins that destroy relationships.
  • Find out how to rid yourself of old, ineffective patterns and why you must replace them with new ones to create more intimacy and happiness in your love life.
  • Learn the problems rampant in today’s relationships and what you need to do to have an amazing relationship!

Who is this course for?

  • Couples and individuals ready for a truly loving relationship.
  • Couples who have some friction in their relationship and want a better way to get closer.
  • Singles who are alone and who want to have a quality relationship.
  • People who have experienced deep relationship pain and are finally ready for true love.
  • Note: This course is not for people who are solely interested in “hooking up.”
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