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Change is only hard in proportion to our fear and resistance. When we turn and face the emotions we have been fearing we can take the lessons that have been hiding from us and use them for our growth. That moment is when we take control of our lives. When we make this commitment the dysfunctional coping behaviors that we have developed to compensate out of avoidance or discomfort can change. Living from a state of grace by following your heart-center is the ultimate journey that we all face. With our support you will develop the courage and the skills to take control of your life and to enbrace the sense of well-being that you are entitled to live with. Making a commitment to change does not have to be difficult. As we mention above, change is only as difficult as we make it throught our attachment to the ole, worn-out ideas that just don't work. Don't you deserve more?

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Don Nenninger

Both a BA and BS degrees in the fields of human development sociology and education. Master’s in psychology. New York State school psychologist. Certified in hypnosis and trans-personal psychology.
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Nicole Nenninger

Masters degree in psychology. 2nd Masters degree (pending) in Marriage and Family Therapy. Certified in Reiki energy healing. Certified in intuitive healing modalities.

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