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Spirit Guide, mentor, theologian, author, co-host, musician, school psychologist, attorney, spiritual coach, teacher, explorer, naturalist, and your life guide. Don's life-experience will turn you from struggle to peace, from a survivor to someone who THRIVES! How? By aligning your soul's full potential and getting past the societal conditioning of SRD (suppression, repression and depression).

Are you finally at a point in your life where you need some help to create, identify, and live your dreams? Do you feel your thoughts and past holding you back? Are you an actor, athlete, business executive, mom, dad, student, human who has run into the wall of "well that's all I know?" And "I'm so frustrated!"

Look, we ALL run into roadblocks- externally and internally. What's your "brick wall?" You need someone who will give you an outside perspective to what's going on inside you!

Work with me and begin to change your thoughts and actions- TODAY! I've have a God given gift that can see the gifts you have- the one's covered by life's challenges. 

Let's open a dialog and we'll read, listen, talk and discover how I can help you create YOUR best life.

Why Wait? I can help you today: 631-764-4442

How Can I help?

  • Communicate Better
  • Life Goal Focus
  • Financial Guidance
  • Relationship Help
  • Pay Attention to Self
  • Rediscover Humanness 
  • Coaching Expertise
  • Change Your Outlook

You've been down this road before- Goes NOWHERE!




Call: 631-764-4442

What Clients Say...

“Talking with Don....I learned how to really live”

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“3 Sessions and My Life is Changed!"

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“Lost weight, feel great and HAPPY”

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The best is ...working with Don...why-RESULTS!”

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