You Contributed $230,000 to Corporations in the Name of Defense

Learning to live from your center is hard! Not everyone is going to be heading in the same direction and the question is; can you learn to live authentically despite the current government/corporate alliance that is tilted directly away from consciousness?

I stop and think about our forefathers in this country who were getting the hell away from persecution, taxation and repression of individual freedom. Hey, this is your government right? This is one Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington worked for; a government for the people by the people. They didn’t say for the Corporation by the Corporation.

Even though the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling furthers the vision of corporations (as having the same rights as a person) that’s a lot different from what the forefathers of this country envisioned. Today, analysis and research shows that very few people want the United States involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or any other country, yet because corporations are making a fortune in these wars, these wars continue.

No sane person I have talked with wants corporate greed to be the drivers in their lives, yet we’ve just spent $8.5 trillion bailing them out. What did you get from that bailout? Not much except CEO’s and their government cohorts avoiding the financial (and criminal) consequences of their reckless (and it seems, risk-less) behaviors.

Ask someone looking for work if they think it’s a good idea to be shipping good jobs overseas in the name of “free-trade” so these same companies can make an extra nickel? Yet, that’s what we are tolerating by supporting things as they are. International trade is essential; selling us on the idea of “free trade” and then shipping jobs to these country’s is not. Few people know that the United States had the highest import tariffs from the 1830’s to the end of WW2 and yet this was America’s time of greatest growth.

The total cost of wars the United States has been involved in over the last 50 years has been estimated at over $23 trillion dollars. 23 trillion– not billion– not million –trillionThis year our costs are over 1 trillion. That is horrendous -especially in contrast to the struggle that many people are in today trying to survive. All of this is the superstructure that permeates our lives that says life must be struggle. Each of the 300 million people alive today is on the hook for $230,000- could that money have been better spent to provide for our children, future, and yes our defense and create a long-term economic and education plan that benefits the country?

The money we have wasted is bad enough and yet that pales in comparison to the human suffering that these wars and conflicts (in the name of “peace”) have wrought both here and in the country of conflict. All of this permeates our spirit on the subconscious level-and we live with an unrecognized bias that begins to buy into the supposition that life equals struggle. Or is this experience compounded by the drive of our few “leaders” who are beholden to the dollar, and because of that, are beholden to corporations. These corporations collect massive amounts of dollars in this war racket (you’ve got to read this!) and apply those dollars in a way that is advantageous to them without the necessary contribution to the society that allows them to gain such fortunes. Profit is not necessarily disadvantageous to the population- if created in a way that benefits more rather than less. Hey, you and I, we are the population.

Corporations scream about fairness and yet do everything possible to keep their particular market closed and unfair. Pick up today’s newspaper to see an article about the latest corporate special interest group supporting their cause at the expense of the well-being of the greater good. Hey, remember we are the population. Why do you think companies spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to influence politicians? Are they doing it for the best interests of the country? Absolutely not. They are doing it to maximize short-term company profits -at the expense to productive investment. Then they spin it in the media to present it as good for America, but you don’t need to be an economist to see the results, the results speak for themselves.

The scarcity principle is constantly being sold to us, but there is more than enough money in this country for people to have a good life, with a good job, good health, and free time. Obfuscation is a terrific tool for hiding unfairness. Then make rules so complex that specialists can be hired only for companies to avoid paying taxes– so you can pay more, so they can move your job overseas, so they can make more money, so they can hire lobbyists, so they can make more money. There are corporations making billions of dollars in profit and not paying their fair share of taxes. The CEO’s of these companies want all the benefits of being American, yet shun the required social responsibility of citizenship that comes with receiving these benefits- the same responsibilities that the rest of the population carries – hey, we are the population.

How many times have we heard about welfare and about people who take advantage of the welfare system? Look around, the loudest screamers are the same people who are benefiting from specialized tax breaks such as the oil depletion allowances, tax avoidance, and special interest lobbying.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about what you’ve received for your $23 trillion investment- I feel sick especially when we compare the results of that spending with what we could have spent the money on. Better housing for people? Education grants? Health investments and medical progress? Infrastructure and high speed rail. No where in the world would anyone say that we have had a decent return on investment-unless you’re a corporation.

By any reasonable analysis- we’ve have misspent for reasons that were misrepresented. We have not “won” any of these wars. We have created enemies throughout the world. Thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands others have been killed. We have invested our valuable resources in areas which produce no return on investment. If the United States was a company the leadership, or lack thereof, would have been booted years ago. This is our money and our hard work that they are wasting. When will you say enough and force them to start investing in the people and projects that are beneficial long-term investments in the country.

We’ve had drug wars– and invested hundreds of billions of dollars with no tangible result-except incarcerating a select group of people. That war is not working– according to the cops it’s time to decriminalize it and work on treatment programs- We’ve had real wars where we’ve spent trillions of dollars on defense, there’s no one left to fight. Now is the time to reallocate the trillions we’ve spent on defense spending into areas we are behind in- programs and people that will move us forward in the 21st century not simply re-create the experience of the mid-20th century. We are not fighting any country. There is no one to battle with. While we were wasting our resources they were investing in their countries and now- look around-we lost. These other countries are already winning economically because of our lack of leadership and direction. The war on terror alone has cost 3 trillion in the last 15 years.

Think about the quality of your life and of your family and friends. Would things be easier for you today if the $23 trillion had been spent on you and your family? Do you think you would have affordable health care? Do you think your schools would be different? Do you think your roads and infrastructure would be different? How would your kids benefit? Do you have older parents? Could they use some additional care? Do you think issues like solar energy, water pollution and quality, and technology would benefit from some of these dollars? Could your state use an extra 500 billion or so?

Living from your center often means going against the grain of society, do you have the courage to live differently?

Statistics show that America is slowly drifting downward in many quality of life measurements. Happiness, health, longevity, and the quality-of-life issues that could have been resolved decades ago are still with us. We have allocated our assets in a negative return spiral. We spend a fortune and get no return. Other countries are spending money on infrastructure and technology for their future. We are instead still supporting corporate welfare by spending our money on wars with other countries or “wars” on drugs or bailing out banks and executives that nearly drove this country to bankruptcy. All these entities scream as to why they deserve a bailout, but no one I know of gets a bailed out when they make a poor financial decision.

Do you think that this is what the founders of this country had in mind when they escaped from England? Is this why America was formed? Our founders wanted to provide a fair and level playing field for people to pursue their happiness and to live in freedom. Or, do you think it was formed for companies to extract every dollar of value from society while the government taxes us relentlessly– to further support their corporate cronies? This is the type of oppression they fled from and this is exactly what our founders warned us about

Every company is looking out for themselves or for maintaining the status quo. Leadership is supposed to resist this type of selfishness to ensure a level playing field that benefits the entire population and we are the population.

Each day you can take conscious action. Think about the kind of life that you want to create for yourself, separate from what is sold to you. See what really fits with your soul and see how you want to be in this life. You are not obligated to play by arbitrary rules that assault human grace for a dollar. Live the life of your dreams, a great life, even when a majority of society will not support you.