Turns out the government and corporate crime are out to get you!

You are not paranoid if it feels government and corporate crime are out to get you! No, that’s not paranoia.  That’s simply the consensus that has been building about the government’s role in our health and well-being for the last 30+ years. The institutions that Americans expect to be looking out for their best interests, are in reality looking out for either the best interests of corporations or for select individuals who work there presently who will eventually benefit from their governmental relationship with those corporations.  This is not what America was built upon.  This is not fair play. What it is, is dangerous and deadly.

The factual basis for the above statement is both broad and deep. Here is one small snippet that did not get a lot of publicity.  The FDA in 2008 tested one of their Institutional Review Boards, Coast Independent Review Board located in Colorado for reliability and quality control.  These boards are formed to approve, monitor, and review research submitted by pharmaceutical companies regarding the use and safety of vaccines for use in human trials.  These boards were instituted primarily to protect the participants of these trials.  There are specific ethics, rules, and regulations that must be followed by these boards prior to any drug approval.

The results of their investigation were astounding.  An imaginary drug, Adhesiabloc, was created by an imaginary company using an imaginary address with an imaginary doctor who possessed imaginary credentials.  This imaginary product was approved for human testing.  This is merely one instance that was caught.  It causes wonder as to how many vaccines and drugs have been approved by this and other similar companies without any real evaluation of their effect on us.

If this was an isolated incident it would be bad enough, yet this is the commonality of governmental institutions in year 2011.  The members of the FDA, FTC, associated review boards and other such entities are not interested in determining what really works for health.  It is up to you to educate yourself and to look at the vast amounts of information both within openness to new information combined with the critical evaluation.

This is similar to the story of a group of farmers 100’s of years ago in New England who were told that they “must” use salt on their soil to kill the weeds.  Using salt both stunted crops growth and poisoned the land a small group of farmers refused to use it. These farmers were the non-conformers that the media makes fun of today. The “experts” of that day were selling the salt to the farmers. They didn’t want to lose the business so this small band of farmers were persecuted for allowing the “proliferation” of weeds.  Undeterred by this persecution these farmers eventually discovered lime. Lime enhanced the soil while reducing weeds which led to healthier crops.  Even in the earliest days of this country experts were trying to sell you something for their benefit– not yours.

The drug approvals, the health edicts, the bad information that proliferates these entities can kill you.  Wake up, and take control of your life.

By: Don Nenninger