Living the Good Life!

Using  the 5 Energetic Laws to Create Your Wonderful Life!


Imagine you are standing on a shore and surrounding you is a cacophony of sound and chaos. You’re tired, dissatisfied and this place is busy—really busy. But, as you look around yourself, almost everyone you see seems really stressed and unhealthy—maybe they’re a little depressed and overweight. Even though people engulf you, you don’t feel connected or see anybody connecting with each other. And, something is gnawing at you—something just doesn’t fit.

A little bit off this shore you see a beautiful island. Did I say that it’s really beautiful! This land is lush and vibrant with life. You want to be there and this island is within your reach—but a river separates the island from you. This river is powerful and relentless—and never-ending. You can swim—that’s not the problem, but still…there’s doubt. Deep inside, you know you have the strength, you have the ability, and you really, really want to get to the other side. You don’t know how you know, but this is the place that feels right for you.  The problem is that you have been filled with stories.  These stories painstakingly detail the reasons why you’re not good enough to make it. Or, illustrate the reasons the river is too powerful for you.

Imagine now that you make the commitment to get to the island- regardless of the stories and reasons that justify staying exactly where you are. You change your story right in that moment— and you choose to leave behind the reasons, justifications, and excuses you’ve have used to stay on this locked to this land. In that moment of energetic shift, you change your life.  OK, so you are still afraid. This is not an easy task. You’re smart. You know as you wade across the river its relentless push will constantly try to knock you backwards. It’s nothing personal; it’s what rivers do. You are frightened, but determined to move forward.  Nobody is watching, there are no crowds cheering, and it’s clear that some of the people important in your life have an interest in holding you back.

This courageous moment is when heroes are born—when we know we must do something, we are afraid to do something, and we take a leap of faith past our fear and into our life. This is when you become the hero of your life.

You were right, the rocks are slippery, and very hard to navigate—you still move forward. There are parts of the journey where you must swim—you can feel the doubt you’ll be able to make it all the way to the other side. But, you push on. You sometimes feel exhausted, but you’re still moving. And then, slowly, you begin to feel the bottom of the other shore. The rocks are still a little slippery and you are a little tired, but you know in your heart that you made the right decision. You gather yourself up, walk onto the island and turn around. You’re startled—because the place where you last existed is teaming, unconscious, and robotic. You also realize that no matter where your new path leads, that from today forward you never want to go back to the “there.”

This story describes the beginning of your quest forward into a exciting, vital, and conscious life—a life that represents who you truly are, who you can be, and who you want to be. This is a life lived that is moving toward consciousness, awareness, and gratefulness while moving away from dissatisfaction, emotional pain, and SRD. When you make this journey, you become the hero of your life. You deserve to live a great life—everyone can create that opportunity by making their own “swim.”  But our never-ending chase in the search for some type of external validation of our worth or for some external magical “thing” that will “make” us happy is causing chronic pain—pain on our physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  We’re way out of balance and the statistics aren’t painting a pretty picture of where these future trends are heading. According to the research we’re obese, unhappy, and depression will be the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020! And, those are just some obvious manifestations of our disconnection from self.

In our practice and in our lives we work to help people move beyond their present experience and into a more natural and holistic way of living —the process of Living Authentically.  This is a process we now call Be the Hero of Your Life and this choice represents one of the most heroic journeys we face in our lives—how to move beyond the societal mantras of life and move into our strength and our genius. We now call the societal affliction that affects people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual beings SRD—Suppression, Repression, and Denial (depression). This is the societal poison that insidiously affects you until you live a life filled with dissatisfaction, unhealthy behaviors, emotional pain, and a lost sense of personal power. When that happens—society wins—you’re following their path.  This disease, SRD, describes the ultimate price you pay for ignoring the 5 Laws—a life of dissatisfaction.  You can use these Laws—the Laws of Change, Healing, Love, Creating, and Truth (Living Authentically) to make shifts in your life.  As you do so, you will see that these Laws are simple and universal truths.  Emotional pain comes into your life in proportion to the resistance you invest in your refusal to acknowledge these Laws.

Societal compliance and dogma can hurt your spirit. This unthinking compliance hurts us all. And, no, were not advocating for anarchy or mass uprisings.  But, we are supporting your individual needs and the ability to meet those needs through one universal truth-

Whatever you want is permitted as long as it doesn’t harm another physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

Isn’t this a better way to fully express the innate godliness that exists within you?  But, sadly, we don’t exist in this positive vibe of life. The statistics mentioned above are representative of the deeper issues that predominate many societies.  This unnatural societal emphasis on the consumer society, the expendable culture, and the materialistic as answers to our search for a deeper meaning to our lives just doesn’t work—it will never work.  So what’s the answer?

The answer is that there are 5 Laws these are a guide for increasing the amount of joy, abundance, health, and vitality in your life while simultaneously removing the effects of SRD.  Embracing and using them shifts the quality of your life right now! These laws are not dependent upon a religion and can be used both within and outside of those value systems.  These laws are not based on some government mandate and are not taught in school.

What these laws do provide are a template, a vision, and a guide that can provide you a way to get to your answers about life.  What has deep meaning for you?  Where do you want to go?  And, what do you value?  As the wonderful poet Robert Frost wrote:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference.

That’s what this book is about, discovering and following your road through life.  In this book I’ll share with you some of the lessons that I (and others) have learned to help you along your path.  But like anything of value in life, you will learn your own lessons and create your own life.  My hope for you is that having this book as a companion will help you to bring answers so you create the life of your dreams!

So, society has dictated to you a way to live life—but there’s a high cost in life dissatisfaction and ill health.  “They” tell you that this is the right way to live.  But, there is a different way. This book illuminates a path that leads to a happy and vital life, but it’s not the life sold to you by advertisers or by society.  I have to tell you this path is not always easy, in fact, sometimes discovering and following your path is pretty damn hard!  Yet this is that path we must travel to move beyond the constraints of SRD and move into the life we both aspire and inspire to.

On this path, you move toward physical health and vitality, emotional balance through consciousness and awareness, and spiritual connection with your highest self. Your path has always been available for you but the murk of societal compliance makes it hard to see—and we look outside for answers. Take a moment and look around.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowded bookstore or alone—just take a look and then answer these two questions:

  1. Who is responsible for your life?  And,
  2. Who is responsible for where your life goes from today forward?

You guessed it!  Changing your life starts and ends with you!

This is great news!  Are you ready to shift this life to something better?  You don’t have to wait for anyone; you can start today!

Are you ready to follow your path and to live in a way that you would enjoy more and that fits who you are? If so, you have to answer this additional question: what is the change that must be made prior to any lasting shift?  The answer is that you must understand the following:

New Awareness: Your beliefs are your truth because you believe them.  That does not mean they are the truth.  When you change what you believe about yourself and the world, the world seems to change—presenting a completely different picture to you.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Laws in this book.

  1. Law 1 The Energy of Change—Release the past.
  2. Law 2 The Energy of Healing-Change Your Story
  3. Law 3 The Energy of Love—Abundance
  4. Law 4 The Energy of Creating—The Road Less Traveled
  5. Law 5 The Energy of Truth—Living Authentically

If you’re asking if these Laws really apply, here’s a quick tip that you can use in all areas of your life.  When you question the validity of a statement, look at it’s opposite and see where the truth is for you.  Here is one easy way to decide if any of these are not Life Laws—let’s see what is the opposite of each.  What is the opposite of change—stagnation.  What is the opposite of healing—pain.  What is the opposite of love—hate.  What is the opposite of creation—destruction.  And, what is the opposite of truth—dishonesty.  These are simple, clear Laws that you can incorporate at different levels as you understand more about yourself and your perception of the world—in other words, as you grow.

Until you learn to incorporate these laws into your life, your life will continue to be filled with all kind of stories that you created or that were put on you by your prior experience.  This is Law 1 The Energy of Change.  Life is Now.  Until you learn to release your past, you are not fully available for the present and that is where life exists.  All of these stories you tell yourself about you contain inherent resistance to change.  These stories tell you why you are “successful” or “unsuccessful.”  Fit or fat.  Strong or weak.  These stories feel completely true for you—they fit you because you’ve been telling them for a long time.

Law 2 The Energy of Healing-Changing Your Story.  Until you open up to changing you can’t implement a more positive experience into your life.  You can heal any emotional pain that you went through and leave the experience in the past.  This frees you to live fully in this moment where those experience no longer exist.  You will learn how to move past—your past!

When you’ve addressed the first 2 Laws, you move towards the energy of love—Law 3 When you are open to change, open to growth, and willing to heal your wounds life expands and meets you with love and abundance as you decide it to be—not society.  This opens you to a completely new experience of life—a life you experience with satisfaction, love, happiness, and better then you ever imagined.  You will start to consciously discover what life stories are good and bring you closer to your dreams.  And, which ones get in the way of living a great life, keeping you mired in a life of disharmony and struggle. I’m here to help you to get rid of the disempowering stories that hold you back.

Laws 4 and 5 address the energy of creation, creating the life you desire, and the truth of living authentically and walking your path.  How much fun is that!  You discover and create your path in Law 4 and then, in Law 5 you live it!  That journey, the journey that you choose to take, is not without challenges—life is all about challenges.  But, because the path is yours, these challenges are the ones that excite you and as you meet them you entire being is immersed in them.  This is how you live your sacred quest!

This book shows you ways to implement change.  If you want to change, you learn to change the stories that you tell yourself about you.  These new stories will be just as true as the disempowering ones that are currently repeating to yourself that are holding you back, but they will be more powerful, exciting, and fun!  Creating a new idea of who you are today, who you want to be, and manifesting your dreams must first begin with a new story – a powerful one that changes your life.  When you make this change, the life of your dreams comes more easily and more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Do you wish for more clarity because you’re blocked? Or, want to enjoy life more than you presently do?  Or, do you have questions that seem to have no answer?  Do you see people experiencing abundance, careers they love, intimate relationships, or enjoying health and vitality and feel envious or frustrated and wonder how you can experience those things too?  Do you want to change your life and finally move beyond the experience of struggle?  Are you ready to claim a wonderful life?  If you are, this book will show you how to discover and follow your path to your personal success!

Hell, it can be a very frustrating journey to finally get to a point when you are ready to change.  The process often takes longer than you want it to and you often go through many painful experiences before you are ready to shift.  Sometimes that’s just how we experience life and that’s okay.  When you are ready for change, you are ready.  You grow, you learn, and you can choose to use your struggle as a method to expand your consciousness and awareness.  As you do this, you open to a new experience of life—an abundant life that has always existed, but existed outside of your current state of awareness.

Or, you can stay in the same struggles you experience today.

Creating a wonderful life happens in this moment—the Now!  There is no dress rehearsal before the real performance.  You don’t get to the end of life and get to say; “Now my life is going to be wonderful!”  No, living a wonderful life happens in this moment and so does change! So, if you experience any type of chronic disharmony, now is the moment that you must change.  Are you overweight, depressed, unhealthy, in a bad or no relationship, in a job you hate?  If you are, changing your life isn’t optional; it’s mandatory to experience a better life.


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