How to Be Happy! Create a More Fulfilling Life by Choosing to be Happy

Being happy is not a place. Learning how to be happy begins as a process where you connect with the life energy residing within you. This is the energy which connects all of us. Each of us radiates an energy vibe others feel and when this vibe is positive we are connected with the energy of life. We call this experience “living in the zone” or “being in flow” or “living your bliss.”These are not new findings. For centuries, people have realized this energy exists. Finally, in the middle of the 20th century, physicist Max Planck amazed the world by declaring a matrix of energy exists that is the inter-connecting force of the universe. This energy provides the blueprint for the connection of the physical world with the underlying universal force of nature.

(Excerpt from Becoming Conscious)

We also personally harmonize with certain life energies, which ones are dominating our lives? Those that we are most focused on. Each of these channels or frequencies is available at all times, positive and negative. We receive what we are tuned into energetically. We are not conscious of this, but rather it’s something that we sense. This energy permeates our interactions in life. When this energy comes from our center, people notice and respond to it positively and our life represents this connection. When were “off” distressed, angry or not centered people notice and respond to that energy.

So, how do we get to this place where we live our bliss? We get to this place by living in the Now! coming from a heart center. When the energy we are putting out into the world doesn’t come from our center, people notice that as well and our life reflects that disharmony. When we are radiate this type of energy,conflict and disharmony at are often prevalent in our lives. To get to this place we have to live authentically and this means roles we have played for years must be released.

Choice Point: Try this exercise and play with this idea next time you’re sitting in your car. Look around you and experiment with different interpretations of what you see happening outside of your presence. First, look at everything as you normally do. Then, look again with a mindset of appreciation and gratitude. Look at the scene again with anger, compassion, love, or anything you project. Your internal state changes your perception, yet everything exists as it is. You change how you see and interpret the world by shifting your perspective.

The energy of life that we are connected to is not yet understood. Do you know subatomic particles can communicate instantaneously with each other– no matter how great the distance is between them? This violates the speed of light. This process is called entanglement, which allows communication over these incredible distances. It doesn’t matter whether they are next to each other or billions of miles apart! What happens to one immediately affects the other. Did you know the human eye is sensitive enough to notice this entanglement and in certain situations recognizes it, even though you can’t see it consciously? They are connected, you are connected, we are connected.

In a practical manner it’s important to understand how this energy and perception affects your life. We connect with the energy vibe we’re most focused on. Here is an example. Let’s say that you are constantly worried about your financial situation. This is the thought that is dominating your life and actions. Being a part of this energy vibe will often block solutions which are available- if you existed in a different state of mind. This different energy frequency would allow you to harmonize with opportunity, that also exists, rather than focus on the stress you are tuned into. All of those channels exist at the same moment. So living in lack does not mean that this is all that exists; there is plenty of abundance in the world.

How else does this manifest in the world? You may miss an opportunity or connection that would help address your financial situation. You may find yourself closed down energetically to meeting new people or making new connections that would help you change your financial situation. This constant stress may be taking a toll on you physically and this may be a detriment to you changing. There are many different ways that the energetic frequency you exist on affects your life.

The opposite is also true. Have you noticed that people who are positive, energetic, well rested, and healthy seem to bring a positive vibe into their situations? Opportunities are drawn to them not because they are “attracting” them by wishing them to be, they are attracting them by taking the actions that are in harmony with their center.

Shift gears for moment and think about how this applies to relationships. Isn’t a good energy vibe often labeled confidence? When you are at ease and you are comfortable in your own skin, this comes across energetically to others. When you doubt yourself or you feel unworthy of love, that energy vibe goes out to the universe and to others you are interacting with. Which is more appealing? Which is responded to more positively? Which stream of thoughts will bring you closer to what you desire?

All of the motivational techniques in the world and all the “attracting” will not change the core beliefs you have about yourself. The power to change your life resides in your beliefs. Believe that you are enough, believe that the energy of the universe supports your and you will find your life filled with abundance.

This is the energy which has created uncountable stars, planets, and such abundance that even embracing its magnificence is daunting. Throughout the ages, people have called this energy by different names: higher self, god, spirit, ether, matrix and many others. They are all attempting to describe the energy connecting all living beings and interconnecting all space and time. This energy is the incredible resource available for you to create the life you want.

What is the fastest way to connect to being happy? You connect to the feeling of being happy by changing and adjusting your traditional outside-in belief systems (rational, left-brained, mind/ego) to an inside-out (intuitive, right-brained, heart centered) paradigm. Doing so reveals what limiting filters shade your life toward lack or ill health. Your mind/ego has been preventing you from seeing all things, noticing only what your pre-existing filters allow.

We were taught to believe we are separate from each other, and this alines is does not make for a happy life. We feel separate from the connecting energy of the universe. How can you be happy if this is what you exist in? But, this is only a manifestation of the mind/ego and not true. It has been proven there is connectivity between all of us. There is a universal consciousness. There are energy vibrations such as those illustrated by Dr. Emoto and his research with water crystals, there is the Maharishi effect, which documents the powerful effects of mediation within a community, and other similar manifestations of this connecting energy.

The more we believe we are separate from this energy and one another, the more disharmonies we experience. To connect with this energy, your beliefs must support living from your center. This deep connection manifests desired results into your life. Take a moment to consider all the universe consists of. Is it a sparse place or an abundant place? Is Earth filled with wonder and beauty, or is it a barren land? We cannot quantify this energy using the tools we have at our disposal today, but that does not mean we cannot access it.

The energy of abundance is here waiting for you the moment you shift your beliefs about it.


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