The Secret to Creating Physical and Emotional Health

physical health emotional health

Have you considered what is  healthy in your life?

The challenge for all of us is to create physical and emotional health in a way that resonates with our spirit, and in most cases, it’s certainly not what society would have you believe.  Go into any supermarket and you will see food that has been robbed of any possible value to your body.  Or, you can run out to dinner at the nearest fast food joint and load your body up with so much junk that it has no choice but to shut down.

What about something as simple as the water you drink?  Did you know that the water many people drink is filled with a rat poison called fluoride.  What about other toxins in your environment?  Many people have teeth that have traces of mercury in their amalgams.  Do you think these toxins affect you?  Would you want to risk it?  Why?

What do you consider emotionally healthy?  Are you basically happy, frustrated, content, or discontented?  Have you learned how to develop the kinds of relationships that are important to you?  Do you take the time to consider what your relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues will look like?

If you don’t, if you simply continue to live life with no direction and no idea of how to live your best life, you will drift towards what you are exposed to and what you are exposed to in large part is unhealthy for you.  Without a destination and goals that come from your heart center, and not society’s,it is difficult to be healthy.  Most companies, in fact a vast majority of companies, make money by selling things to you that they can make cheaply.  They are not looking to nurture your body, your mind, or your spirit.  Instead, you must take control and do these things for yourself.

Changing your life situation is possible when you are willing to change the beliefs and thoughts that have brought you to this moment.  This makes sense doesn’t it?  If we continue to do the same things over and over again the odds are that we are going to manifest the same or similar types of results.  If you continue to eat what you have prior to today the trend will be obvious to where these decisions are leading.  If you continue to think about things in the exact same way today, than you have prior to today, you will most likely be thinking and doing the same things tomorrow.  If your life works for you, that’s fantastic!  But if not, consider what is really healthy and start to incorporate that into your physical and emotional worlds.

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