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battles of the little guy

If you are interested in worker rights and the right to work, an interesting article on describes the Wisconsin’s governor potential use of the National Guard against citizens of Wisconsin -The battle-lines are being drawn for the little guy-who are preparing and participating in a peaceful movement to protect both the pensions and welfare of people who have given their working lives to serving the state of Wisconsin.  It is most probable that the National Guard members being called upon to participate in this are neighbors and friends of the same people who are protesting the cutting of their pensions and health benefits.

Each of us is subjected to the subliminal influence of societal bias (hypnosis). This hypnosis allows this kind of attack because we do not question the validity of the belief. We have been exposed to certain beliefs systems from the moment we are born, when they are powerful and empowering our lives reflect that, when disempowering, the results of this thinking are reflected in massive disharmony.  This influence on our being is so subtle, so unending, and so permeates our lives,  that we robotically respond to many societal clues without thought, trained and conditioned like Pavlov’s dog.  Without developing the ability to critically examine situations for ourselves, and becoming aware of this societal compliance, an individual can justify shooting a neighbor who was peacefully protesting and no physical threat to them or to the state. How many times has this same paradigm been used throughout history as one authority (God or government) justifies the killing of others who disagree?

Have you considered your views of this situation in Wisconsin? How does it compare to the uprising in Egypt or our own American Revolution?  Do you consider it permissible to kill another person for protesting the loss of their retirement benefits?  Is the individual obliged to follow governmental decrees in every case?  Have we given up our personal freedoms to governmental authorities abdicating our personal responsibility?  Have we made it okay for governments to take back what they promised and then threaten those same citizens with physical abuse and violence when they protest?  Those are important questions.

America was founded by people who are willing to give up their lives to be free from tyranny.  Free is the key concept.  As citizens, we choose to exist within the bounds and walls that every society must have. This rule-of-law exists to protect all its citizens. Within our rights to protest against unfair or unequal treatment the government should not be threatening their citizens with an implied “or else” you will be harmed.

The ideals of America; freedom to pursue happiness, freedom from government persecution, freedom of speech, and other rights specified in the Bill of Rights allow us to peacefully protest without threat of an armed attack on our person. These are powerful concepts which represent each persons right to be free without undue influence of any external authority.

When you are pledging allegiance to the flag, can you also see in your mind citizens of other countries pledging the same allegiance to their flag, or to their economic structure, or to their political structure?  Most Americans, and most people who are raised in a democratic society, believe in their right to freedom.  Those living in repressive societies strive for freedom.  Freedom embraces the right to disagree with your government, they are representatives of what you want, not the other way around.  We often forget the price that our forefathers were willing to pay to provide us this freedom. They were willing to give their lives to the cause and were considered traitors to their nation of origin.  Traitors.

How does this violence that permeates all of our lives affect us?  Living in consciousness and awareness when these types of dynamics surround us make it even more important for us to stay true to ourselves and to keep on the path we choose. Question your beliefs.  Review all the beliefs in your life and see which ones have been superimposed upon you by your upbringing, family, government, and experiences and see if they truly fit you. If they don’t, it is challenging to stand apart from the crowd and say “that’s not right” yet, that’s often what it takes for new and empowering ideas to gain traction.

There is no doubt that companies are focused on their bottom lines at the expense of the individual. Our manufacturing base is now in Asia, we outsource thousands of jobs to India, the economy is a disaster and hard-working Americans are losing jobs left and right. When they protest the cutting of their benefits, benefits that they’ve worked their entire lives for, they are threatened with armed violence and we, as fellow citizens, allow this?

I ask you, is this truly free? Consciousness and awareness are developed by questions, reflection, and choice. The more that we as individuals can bring harmony and integrity onto our personal lives, the more the society that we exist within will begin to reflect that shift.

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