Treating Symptoms is Not a Solution


Treating Symptoms is Not a Solution!

When we are out of balance on either the physical or emotional planes, our bodies need to reestablish balance.  Reestablishing balance is wonderful- but it’s equally important to see what happened to get to this unbalanced state.

We have been trained (by society) to place importance on many different things. Even today’s society is often described as the consumer society- an economy is driven by the consumer (that’s us.)  Yet everywhere you look this training has more people who live lives of depression and dissatisfaction. They are searching for ways to treat a symptom “the dissatisfaction.” Covering up with a dysfunctional behavior is not a solution. We have become conditioned to look for the next pill to “solve our problems.”  These “solutions” never address the root cause of the imbalance.

Let’s look at it differently and leave right or wrong out of this–use the terms effective and ineffective -or- healthy and unhealthy?  You damage your chance for a complete life when you choose to suppress this dissatisfaction (or depression) by covering up issues in your emotional health. These suppression affect your energetic field, your connection to self, and your ability to live a complete life.

Your body will give you indications of whether you are in balance or not-if you are willing to see what is in front of you. If you choose to deny your body is obese, or that your food choices put you on the path to suffering , you are not serving yourself well.

For your benefit, take a look at what your lifestyle choices are producing in your life.  Ask yourself the important questions such as “is this environment good for me?” “Am I involved with positive people?”  “Am I acting in a positive and healthy way?” And then take responsibility for the results that are being produced in your life today.

Through this website and my book Becoming Conscious  (on you will find tools to help you on your path. These tools help you achieve ultimate health on the physical and emotional levels which will manifest energetically into a higher quality of physical health, happiness, and deeper connections with those you care about. You deserve a great life!

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