What Career is Right For Me – Live the Life You Love – Leaving the Rat Race Part 2

We have been told that to live a healthy and vital life that we need to take another drug, get more surgery, shop some more, pretend we’re perfect, or to look outside of ourselves at some external source for happiness and pleasure. Again, this will never work as more than a stop-gap solution. So what are you to do?  How can you develop authentic happiness, deep connection, and true abundance?

We learn to develop our discovering and learning to pay attention to our inner truth, our authentic self. This doesn’t happen overnight.  It couldn’t—there would be no value in the process. But it can happen and this is where true wealth and abundance comes from. Any other type of “success” will eventually be self-sabotaged when it does not come from your true center and true essence.

Every day we are being presented lessons.  These life lessons present us with the opportunity for new choice points in our lives.  We have an opportunity in these lessons to choose to live in connection with energy. When you are ready, you can make this shift. In science there is a term called a quantum leap or a quantum jump which describes a shift that is so dramatic that it is not incremental, but monumental.  We can choose to create a quantum life when we use the opportunities that are being presented to us to personally determine our destiny in life.

The problem for many of us is that our lives have become so cluttered and chaotic that we often lose the path to our heart center and this is needed for us to live a fulfilling and complete life.

My lessons have provided me with a wide and deep perspective that allows me, within a short period of time, to help people get past their mental or emotional blockages so they can free their creative energy to start the process of living in abundance—if a person is willing to make that investment in themselves. On my path, I’ve learned through 20 years of humanistic and trans-personal therapy, spirit therapy, CBT, Gestalt therapy, and individual, couples, and group therapy.  Others taught me and  I learned by teaching others. I received both B.A. and B.S. degrees in human development, sociology, and education.  And even when I thought traditional school was finished (as if our learning is ever finished!), I went back to school receiving a Psy.M. I have experienced these changes beginning by asking myself questions and so have the people I’ve worked with. The power to transform your life, body, and finances lies within you.

Transforming health dramatically requires shifts in thinking and action. To handle stress in a positive and empowering manner, I explored the effect that inner reflection has upon life.  For these lessons, I used meditation, fasting, detoxification, walking across burning hot coals, and cleansing my body and spirit.  This led to even more research and experiences with the mind-over-matter paradigm.  As I do these things, I’m always searching for the answer to this question:

How can you live an empowering life, even under difficult circumstances?

My post-graduate research focused on the idea that all people have the power to change their life situations by shifting their beliefs and their actions, and using their emotions to provide important information about themselves.  This insight into why certain people are happy, despite challenging circumstances, and why certain people are able to perform at consistently high levels fascinated me; so learning, using, and teaching hypnosis, affirmations, and powerful visualization techniques was my next lesson. The combined experiences of this three-decade journey revealed what really works to create a life that cultivates happiness, conscious relationships, abundance, and love—and it’s not what you were taught!  The simple revelation is this:

You transform your life by shifting your perception and actions.

Yes, the power to change your life is directly in your control.  People with all manner of ill health have used the tools in my book, The 5 Laws of Conscious Living–Live Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Loved to manifest loving relationships, improved health, and abundance of all types.  Even people who seemed to have everything against them changed their lives by making different choices.

Over these years it also became clear what does not work.  Some people will choose to continue the role of victim, will choose to live a life filled with blame and shame, or they will choose to live in the state of learned helplessness. When we live from the place of chaos or meek compliance, we are almost certainly not paying attention to the vital and important internal intuitions that guide us from the inside out. Conscious living is especially challenging in a world where society has trained us to believe that consumerism, workaholism, alcoholism, substance abuse, or other dysfunctional coping behaviors are the answer to your health issues, depression, or life dissatisfaction.  It’s obvious that these methods cannot and never will work.

Create a quantum shift for yourself! Take the time to decide what’s important in your life. There are many resources available that will allow you to access the inner knowing that exists within you.  My website at donnenninger.com, my wife’s website (nicolenenninger.com) and personaldevelopment.me are websites that present reminders to help you discover your path.