Shortcuts to Health? The Myth of the Quick Fix

Since the mid-70s the liposuction myth has been sold as the ultimate shortcut by surgeons who profit from this idea that we have internalized about ourselves- that “we are not enough” as we are and that we can be “fixed” by this (and other) short-term solutions. This is one of, if not the most popular surgeries each year with approximately 400-500,000 operations a year. The photos that they use to sell this procedure are always startling -first showing a body filled with fat and then a body that is lean and slim. It’s another of the ultimate shortcuts we are sold.

How does this liposuction affect you? Where does this fat go? A report in an issue of Obesity discusses a study by Dr.s’ Hernandez and Eckel, they found the fat! They reported that the fat sucked out of people’s thighs, buttocks, and love handles found its way back onto their body within one year. Except now the fat appears in their upper abdomen, shoulders, and triceps!

This again illustrates the fallacy of the quick fix. Our bodies cannot be shaped with a straw attached to a suction device. Well, they can, but it doesn’t last. Unless you change your daily habits and shift how you look at the world (in this instance by consciously choosing what you eat), this becomes just another example that you will eventually return to the starting point where you were at.

Powerful change is possible, but it doesn’t come at the end of a blade or straw. Powerful change comes when you take control of your life. Powerful change comes when you decide to nurture your body and when you decide to reject toxins whether those toxins are food, people, or the environment.