Why Modeling Others Doesn’t Work

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Why You Can’t Model Your Way to Success (but here’s what you can do!)

Do you ever ask yourself these questions–What can I do to live with more abundance in my career and finances?  How can I create a truly loving, deep, and connected relationship?  How do I live with more health and vitality?  Or, how do I move my life from good to great?

Or, do you live in some kind of chronic physical, spiritual, or emotional pain?  Do you wonder why you experience life this way and feel like you’re missing the good stuff?  Do you take it for granted this is how you’re supposed to live and wonder how the hell it’s going to be any different tomorrow?

If you presently experience life with pain, there is a method for transforming your life to eliminate your suffering.  People in pain spend their lives looking for the answers to why they aren’t happy, why they are in ill health, or why their life is painful rather than filled with ease.  Don’t waste any more time searching for some hidden secrets that endlessly seem to escape you.  The answers are in you.

The power to change your life in each of the above situations is within your control.  Once you discover what ineffective beliefs are holding you back you can begin to experience happiness and abundance today!  These experiences are available for you in this moment and neither is dependent upon your personal wealth or present life circumstance!

If you are ready to move their life from good to great, this also requires a shift.  “Great” never comes from outside.  Great is always generated first from within and then reflected outward.  The tools to create this abundant life are learn-able and actionable.

First, let’s face and get rid of two popular myths people are exposed to on the path of self-growth. First, that you can “attract” what you desire into your life with little or no action.  Second, that by imitating another person, you can “model” someone else’s success to ensure your success. Does either of these techniques seem authentic?  You can harmonize with energy, that’s true- buy merely sitting by and hoping to “attract” will not produce the results that most people desire.  You can certainly model others’ behavior but the results prove that neither is effective. Millions of people have tried both of these paths and billions of dollars have been spent in the hope that success and abundance will manifest into their lives.  There is little chance that either technique will allow you to experience more happiness or abundance, because both ideas miss the concept that true success is first generated from within your center.

Attraction-desire without action remains a dream.

Only after you discovered your center can you take the inspired actions that are authentic and true for you.  Then implementing changes necessary for your life becomes a journey you are excited to be taking.  People using those other methods first, without discovering their center end up frustrated, still living in lack, or looking outside of themselves for answers that already exist within them.

Systems or behaviors can be modeled, individual thinking cannot.

The idea that modeling others will ensure your success sounds very appealing doesn’t it?  To be successful, find someone already successful, and model them—great, done!  Then you will be as successful as they are.  Is this really true? No,  it’s not true, never will be, and is obviously not a viable method of creating a life that is based upon your personal truth.  Living life from your center is the only path that allows the experience of abundance.  Each individual experiences the world internally and that is not transferrable by modeling.  Even if you model their behavior, they cannot share their inner experiences, personal history, processes, intuitions, observations, and a hundred other components that make up an individual.  Trying to model a person’s inner workings leads down a path that is not authentic and this contributes to our personal disharmony.

When you examine a system, you reveal its components.  This is apparent when modeling a successful football team, a successful business, or any other system.  Modeling proven systems saves you time, effort, and money.  You can model policies, manufacturing and distribution systems, practice schedules and routines, or any system that has proven effective.

You will never be able to model the inner workings or experience of the people involved.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a head coach, Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other person.  They have their own way of thinking and perceiving the world that you are not privy to knowing.

If modeling were effective, millions of people would have done so already.  How many people who love technology would model Steve Jobs if it really worked?  Want to be in shape and Governor of a state, model Arnold. How many people want to make a lot of money, be successful traders, know someone who is, and yet, cannot model the individual thinking, internal judgment, analytical skills, or specific interpretation of risk factors?

You can never model the internal processes driving a person’s success.

It’s time to let go of that idea and develop a model for your personal success.  Choice Points is a book that provides a method for discovering your center; this is where true success comes from.  Here are steps for implementing a program that reveals the right path for you.  Having a guide to assist you in discovering your truth can often bring insights that are not as obvious when taking this journey alone.  A mentor is someone who has made and lived through many of the same situations you may make on your trip.  A mentor is not a model, instead they share their experiences to improve the quality of your journey and shorten the time needed to learn.

There are many ways to discover your mentors. You may find them in people that you know, books that you read, songs that you hear, or a multitude of other lessons that the Universe presents to you. Take the time to develop and listen to your intuitions before you start on the journey to you true success.  The trip will be one that exhilarates you!

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